FujiFlim X-A10 review

Recently I purchased my first mirrorless camera, the FujiFilm X-A10.

I had been looking into getting a second camera for a while.I wanted something smaller and lighter than my Nikon DSLR that would be handy for carrying around especially on city trips where you don’t want a broken shoulder from lugging around a heavy camera kit. I had done a good bit of research into the mirrorless cameras and the fujifilm X series kept coming out on top for what I wanted. Having previously owned a fujifilm bridge camera I knew the picture quality was good and they are an easy camera to use. Having dwelled on the decision for a while and nearly buying it on a few occasions, it was on a recent trip to London when I finally bit the bullet. I was browsing through Dixons in Dublin airport when I spotted it. I looked at some of the other mirrorless cameras there and it was a toss up between it and a Panasonic Lumix.

FujiFilm X-A10-4

For me the 16-50mm kit lens of the FujiFilm X-A10 was a big draw. There are very few cameras in my price range that had a kit lens of that focal range. Many standard kit lenses only went up to 42mm. Having the longer focal range meant that I could use the FujiFilm in conjunction with my Nikon as a full second camera. My Nikon kit lens was a 18-50mm and I had to swap it out with my 55-300mm when out shooting. Now with the FujiFilm having the same focal length it means I can leave my 55-300mm on my Nikon and use my FujiFilm alongside it, taking out the hassle of swapping lenses.

The picture quality is fantastic. The FujiFilm X-A10 has a 16MP resolution . The picture below was the first one I took with the camera and is completely unedited.


Having brought the camera out and about for a few days I have to say I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use, I’ve been shooting mainly in aperture priority but have also tried out the other functions such as Macro, Landscape etc. I love the retro design of the camera. It is light and fits easy into a handbag!!The flip out screen has come in handy especially for getting photos at different angles.

The only downside I find is that the camera has no hot shoe, which means a viewfinder can not be added. This is not something that is a major issue for me personally, however it does take some adjustment getting used to looking at your screen for focusing on your picture and not through a viewfinder. This is only minor and is something I can easily do without especially when weighed up against all the other great features of the camera.

I would recommend this camera for all levels, from those who may be entry level/photography enthusiasts, to those more seasoned photographers looking for something a bit more pocket sized and convenient as a second camera.

Check out more details on the specs here. You can also find a more details on the FujiFilm X-A10 on Photography blog

Im delighted with the quality of the photos, I usually find I have to intensify the colours slightly but not with this camera. I cant wait to bring this camera with me on holidays this year and really get to grips with it. I’ve put together a collection of pictures taken with the FujiFilm X-A10 all of which have been unedited. Click the photo below to flick through………

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