Oh Deer- at the Park

I don’t usually do early mornings but made the exception last Saturday when I joined some members from the Tullamore Camera Club for a trip up to the Phoenix Park for some deer shooting- of the photo kind!!!!!!

I left home just after 6am and arrived before dawn had broken, we had to drive around a bit to find where the deer were hiding but we soon found the whole herd. It was totally worth the early morning start! We stayed for around 2 hours and got some fantastic pictures.


I found some difficulty with trying to adjust the camera settings to the ever changing light and the speed at which the deer would move, however some perseverance and a very high ISO I’m delighted with the end result. After seeing some of the pictures that members had got on the trip up to the Park last year I knew the standard was high. I’am truly delighted with the collection i got, it was my first time every photographing in such dark conditions, I don’t think I had ever used 1600ISO before.

For anyone interested in wildlife and nature photography I would highly recommend a trip up to the park. This time of year is ideal, the deer are in rut and very vocal. We even got to see a few clashes.

DSC_9792Another plus of this time of year is the colours in the Park with the changing of the trees. The golden colours created a fabulous backdrop to the herd.




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