Lockdown Chronicles

The Lockdown Chronicles

So a year into Lockdown and I’ve decided to finally get back to my blog and do a series called The Lockdown Chronicles.

Over the course of the past year, depending on the restrictions at the time I was able to visit some old haunts and discover so many new places. One of the great things with the past year was you really wanted to make your weekends count, so once the restrictions could allow us to move out a bit more there was so many areas of Offaly and eventually further afield that had been on my bucket-list to visit for so long but just never got the chance to go. I hope to continue this series and write about all the places we got to visit the past year, and hopefully will get to revisit and find new places this summer if restrictions allow.

Darkness into Light- May 2021.

In Early May 2021, we took part in the Darkness into Light walk. This was my first ever time to do the Darkness into Light and wont be the last. The walk was very different then what it would have been in previous years. We kept within our 2km radius and done our 5km walk along the Bypass in Tullamore, by ourselves. We did some support from some cars and trucks also supporting the darkness into light t-shirts which was fantastic to see.

The early morning walk also presented the opportunity to catch the sunrise over the Statues along the Bypass. The morning turned out to be very foggy so i didn’t think I had much hope of a good sunrise peeping up between the statues, but I have to say the glow of the orange fog led to some nice captures.

Tullamore By-pass statues
Sunrise at the Saints and Scholars Statues

The Saints and Scholars Statues created by artist Maurice Harron. Each statue is holing a symbol representative of Durrow and Clonmacnoise, two local monastic sites. The symbols are a book, a chalice , a Staff and a flock of birds. For more about them see the Offaly county council website https://www.offaly.ie/eng/Services/Arts-and-Culture/Programmes/Public-Art/Saints-and-Scholars-Tullamore-By-Pass.html

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